Violent Crimes And Homicide Charges Require Experienced Legal Advice

Cases involving homicide and other violent crime charges require intensive and aggressive investigation and preparation by an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you or a loved one is facing these charges, you could be looking at sentences ranging upward to life imprisonment or death. You need an experienced attorney who understands how to create an effective defense strategy and protect your constitutional rights. You want an experienced Pennsylvania assault attorney like Heather J. Mattes to represent you.

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Representing Clients Facing A Variety Of Serious Charges

The facts of every case are unique. Hiring an experienced defense lawyer to sift through the facts and the law is essential. At the Law Offices of Heather J. Mattes, we offer experienced legal representation for clients charged with:

For an effective defense, it is critical that you hire an attorney as soon as you are arrested. Constitutional criminal procedure is a very complex area of the law, and you need the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney who has formulated defense strategies in these types of cases. Ms. Mattes conducts thorough investigations into the legality of searches and seizures as well as interrogations that may have been done by the police and can determine the best course of action for your defense.

If a trial is not your best option, an offer of nontrial disposition may permit you to receive the lowest possible sentence. Heather Mattes will discuss with you the individual circumstances of your case and work with you to determine the option that will best serve your interests.

Police have become very aggressive in charging defendants with internet crimes against children (ICAC) offenses, as well as other sexually based charges. The consequences of an ICAC or a rape conviction are long-lasting, possibly including lifetime registration as a sex offender. If you are facing a rape or other violent sexual assault charge, contact a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer immediately.

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