Drug Offenses Can Include A Number Of Charges

Criminal defense attorney Heather J. Mattes has over 30 years of practice experience with criminal law. She represents clients who have been charged with drug offenses, including possession, sale or trafficking of drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, heroin and other illegal substances.

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Types Of Defense Strategies

Heather Mattes’ experience as both a defense lawyer and a prosecutor gives her a multifaceted understanding of how the criminal justice system works. She understands how prosecutors work and how best to frame your defense.

  • Was your arrest procedurally proper?
  • What were the circumstances surrounding the search?
  • Did the police have a warrant?
  • Was an interrogation conducted without legal representation?

The Law Offices of Heather Mattes will conduct a careful and thorough investigation into the facts of your case to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected. Her experience has taught her where the police most frequently make mistakes or overreach, and she knows how to exploit those flaws and weaknesses to provide a vigorous defense.

Mandatory Sentences Exist In Pennsylvania

Defendants in drug cases are frequently subject to minimum mandatory sentences in Pennsylvania, depending on where they were arrested, the type of illegal substance involved and the amount of drugs in their possession. Based on these factors, a drug possession charge may also be charged as a federal drug crime. When this happens, the consequences of a conviction are much higher, as federal sentences are never reduced.

In Pennsylvania, if an individual is arrested on a drug charge and has a firearm in his or her possession, a conviction automatically results in a five-year minimum jail sentence. Enhanced sentences also apply if the defendant has a prior drug conviction.

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