West Chester Lawyer: Parallel Investigations

Grand jury investigations can be very dangerous for those who are targeted. Your status may quickly change, for better or worse, as grand juries sift through evidence and attempt to determine who should be indicted for criminal charges. Sometimes, your best defense may be to go on the offense. Pennsylvania attorney Heather J. Mattes has the skill to conduct her own investigation to parallels that of the grand jury, and she can flesh out the nature of the investigation and uncover other sources of wrongdoing.

If you are under investigation by a grand jury, contact Heather J. Mattes, a West Chester parallel investigations attorney, online or call 610-431-7900 to schedule a free initial consultation.

It Is Never Too Early To Plan Your Defense

Indictment by a grand jury signals the beginning of what is usually a long and difficult legal struggle. Any chance you have to develop your defense and assess the risk of conviction can go a long way toward achieving a favorable outcome such as avoiding indictment altogether. Dedicated Philadelphia area criminal defense lawyer Heather J. Mattes has the experience and skill you need to begin planning your defense.

Thorough Investigation Of All Angles

From her West Chester law firm, Heather J. Mattes will work side by side with an investigator to determine what the government is looking for. She will seek out all of the same witnesses and sources that the government is using to paint a complete picture of its investigation and determine the extent of liability She may be able to determine that no wrongdoing took place or perhaps a whistleblower has filed a qui tam action that has no basis.

At the conclusion of her parallel investigation, attorney Mattes may be able to ask the prosecution to decline the indictment. She may also request that you be paid restitution for any financial loss.

Even if the government decides to press forward, a parallel investigation shows that you are taking proactive steps in the investigation, which can prevent or mitigate prosecution. With over 30 years of experience in both criminal prosecution and defense, Ms. Mattes has the tools you need to develop a strong defense.

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