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With more than 30 years of experience, attorney Heather J. Mattes defends the rights of clients in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and the Greater Philadelphia area. She is a tough, smart litigator who represents clients facing investigation or arrest in a broad spectrum of crimes. This includes white collar crime, grand jury investigations, domestic assault, sex offense and child pornography cases, drug charges and DUI/drunk driving charges.

If you are charged with credit card or insurance fraud, accused of domestic assault, or the subject of an illegal search, the Law Offices of Heather J. Mattes is ready to take your case and get results. Under Pennsylvania law, she also provides post-conviction relief services. When you are facing investigation, arrest and conviction, Heather J. Mattes is the attorney you can trust throughout the entire criminal process.

The Kinds Of Representation We Provide

Law Offices of Heather J. Mattes represent clients in criminal defense cases in federal and state court. This includes:

  • White collar crimes — including cases of mail fraud, misappropriation of assets, identity theft and more.
  • Grand jury investigations — providing diligent legal representation in both state and federal grand jury investigations. Heather J. Mattes ensures clients' rights are protected and they avoid potential criminal liability.
  • Domestic assault — covering simple assault, aggravated assault, child abuse, reckless endangerment and more.
  • DUI and drunk driving — advising clients on defense strategies including sobriety test administration weaknesses, probable cause and Breathalyzer maintenance flaws
  • Drug charges — including illegal search and seizure.
  • Violent crimes and homicide — providing aggressive defense concerning aggravated assault, homicide, murder, kidnapping, internet crimes against children (ICAC) and domestic assault.
  • Appellate representation — fighting for you until there is a final resolution of your case.
  • Expungements and record sealing — striving to prevent damage to your reputation by keeping information regarding your arrest out of the public eye.

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When representing you, Heather J. Mattes, provides compassionate representation and never gives up on your case. As an experienced attorney, she can evaluate the facts and circumstances of your case and give you a frank assessment regarding the potential criminal liability you face, as well as the personal consequences that follow an arrest.

Attorney Heather J. Mattes is prepared to put her experience and skills to work for you. When necessary, she can provide counseling referrals to ensure all of your needs are met. If you are facing a criminal charge, call Law Offices of Heather J. Mattes at 877-241-9445 or contact her online for a free initial consultation on the facts of your case and to ensure that your rights are protected.


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